Volunteer with us

The commitment of our volunteers is what drives the actions of Doctors of the World: without them, we would not be able to implement our actions. We often have volunteer opportunities in both Montreal, QC and Victoria, BC. Whatever your expertise, medical or not, you can apply to become a volunteer.


  • Nurses (in Montreal only): For blood collection, vaccination or screening clinics (you must be registered with the OIIQ).
  • Physiotherapists (in Montreal only): For patients at the clinic for migrants with precarious status (must have a practice number valid in Quebec).
  • Pharmacists at the clinic for migrants with precarious status (in Montreal only): You must have a practice number valid in Quebec.
  • Triage at the clinic for migrants with precarious status (in Montreal only): This position is reserved for nurses, medical students and social workers.
  • Reception at the clinic for migrants with precarious status (in Montreal only)
  • Interpreters (in Montreal only): during consultations.
  • Mobile Health Clinic team (Victoria, BC & Montreal, QC): Greet and inform people about the services of the mobile clinic.
  • Translators (in Montreal only) 

And many other various tasks!



Please note, we are not actively recruiting nor receiving applications for new volunteers at this time. Information about volunteer positions and the application process will be posted here once volunteer recruitment recommences. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these unfamiliar times.


Our activities and operations take place from Monday to Friday, during the day and in the evening. Out team needs multiple volunteer contributions, which vary according to our actions and organized events. There are several possible hours available for volunteers, according to their availability and expertise. Our operations take place mainly in Montreal, either at the clinic for migrants with precarious status (located at 560 Crémazie Boulevard East), or on board the Mobile Clinic, which operates in various neighborhoods.

Volunteers are also needed onboard the Mobile Health Clinic operating in Victoria, British Columbia.

Please note that we do not deploy volunteers to our international projects.


Please note that due to current COVID-19 measures, we are not able to hire new volunteers at this time. We will resume recruitment on March 2021. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

To become a volunteer, you must first attend an information session.

To find out when the next information session will be, please fill out the form by clicking on the link below. Our volunteer manager will then contact you via email with more information.

Become a volunteer in Montreal, Quebec (not currently accepting new applicants)

Volunteer Application Form – Victoria, British Columbia (not currently accepting new applicants)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No. Since we already accept students under certain defined university programs, we are unable to accommodate more.

No, there are many other ways for people at all levels to get involved!

Only physicians registered with the Collège des médecins du Québec can practice medicine. Foreign doctors may volunteer for other tasks, but not for consultations or other medical care.

First-year resident physicians (R1) cannot give consultations at Doctors of the World. Second-year resident physicians (R2) however can give consultations at our clinic for migrants with precarious status since other doctors will be present to supervise

Only physicians with a permit to practice from the Collège des médecins du Québec can provide medical care at Doctors of the World (consultations, counselling, training). Retired physicians may be volunteers, but not for consultations or any other medical procedures.

Yes, provided you are registered with the Collège des médecins du Québec and have professional liability insurance. There exists insurance for doctors who do not have a regular practice.

Resident specialist physicians may offer consultations under the supervision of a physician in their specialty.

No, medical students cannot be in observation, except in the context of certain University programs where agreements are already in place

You will have to wait for the next meeting. New dates may be added, so check our website!

Only nurses employed by Doctors of the World provide care on board the Mobile Clinic. We occasionally use volunteer nurses for special outings (vaccination, screening), on an ad hoc basis.

You must attend the first information session in person. Then, some tasks can be accomplished remotely, such as document translation. However, most volunteer work is done out of our Montreal office or clinic

Our e-mails are sent mainly in French; you must be able to understand written French. You can always reply to emails in English. However, for many tasks, a minimum of French is required.

Depending on how you want to volunteer, there are volunteering options during days and evenings during the week only. Except for exceptional events, there is no volunteer schedule on weekends.

Yes, a fixed time and day is not required to volunteer. However, people who want a fixed schedule will be given priority.

For volunteer work that requires several hours of training, a minimum of 12 time slots is required. For other volunteer services, there is no minimum amount of involvement required. However, we favour those who wish to get involved on a regular basis and according to a fixed schedule.

For more information, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at: