Olvie, Casual Nurse in Victoria, BC

Olvie, Casual Nurse in Victoria, BC











“ I am a Casual Nurse for Doctors of the World Canada in Victoria, BC. My role involves providing nursing assessments, wound care, harm reduction & outreach, making community referrals, and nursing care.

The job posting was referred to me by my thesis supervisor at the University of Victoria, who is the current Director of Public Health & Social Policy. After discovering more about the job position and learning about the work of Doctors of the World and the Mobile Health Clinic, I felt the mandates of the program resonated with my values and beliefs as a nurse, community member, and frontline worker.

I was working as a Community Health Nurse in a remote First Nation Anishinaabe community (Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory). My role included sexual health education, school health, immunizations, and promoting health and wellness across the lifespan within an Indigenous-led health center and community. Then I came to Victoria and began working as a public health nurse and pursuing my master’s degree in Social Dimensions of Health. I hope my work will further Indigenous-led health and government systems.

What I love about my work is partnering with different community organizations and volunteers, immersing myself in the community with my role as a nurse and building and developing consistent relationships with community members and clients. I also love providing resources that other organizations do not have, therefore meeting a gap in needs in the community

I am an activist, researcher, and community partner, caretaker, and advocate, and I believe that Doctors of the World has helped me to expand my role in Victoria’s marginalized and unhoused population and street community. ”


Olvie, Casual Nurse in Victoria, BC

"I felt the mandates of Doctors of the World's Mobile Health Clinic resonated with my values and beliefs"