Mobile Health Clinic Montreal

The Mobile Clinic travels through the streets of Montreal to provide free confidential basic healthcare to people at high risk, including screening for sexually transmitted diseases and blood-borne infections. The Mobile Clinic also distributes sterile injection equipment and condoms based on the principles of harm reduction.

COVID-19 – Our priority: ensuring the continuity of our services

Doctors of the world adapts its services to reach people in vulnerable situations.

Doctors of the World has reorganized its services to ensure continuity of care and support for people in vulnerable situations while supporting collective public health efforts in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.


In this time of pandemic, our team is on the field with the Mobile Health Clinic to deploy a self-care tent respecting the public health measures. We are present to offer our assistance near food distribution points in the City of Montreal and in other areas where people experiencing homelessness usually use our services, in addition to supporting community organizations in the area.



Our nurses will go the areas served by the Mobile Health Clinic to offer prevention and promotion activities against COVID-19 as well as a referral when necessary. You can reach out to the Doctors of the World nurses from Monday to Friday from 10:00AM to 1:00PM by phone at the following number:

  • (514)-501-3411

Doctors of the World is making every effort to support the efforts of the Regional Public Health Department and community groups to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 to the greatest extent possible among homeless people and migrants with precarious status.


Considering the recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Services asking to cease all accompaniment in medical settings for the sake of prevention, until further notice, no accompanying person in hospitals will be provided for the indigenous navigators until further notice.

The indigenous navigators of Doctors of the World will be available by phone (at the usual number) for partners of the Mobile Health Clinic and for people from the indigenous community in order to offer support to the partner community organizations teams and to medical teams of the public health system and support for referrals or orientations.



Please write to

Please note that our offices and clinics will be closed from October 26th to 30th 2020 inclusively. Thank you for your understanding.

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