The Mobile Health Clinic celebrates its first birthday!

In 2018, after more than 20 years of operation in Montreal, Doctors of the World launched its first Mobile Health Clinic outside the province of Quebec. The opening of our new Mobile Health Clinic in Victoria was made possible thanks to the financial, technological and human investment provided by TELUS Health.

Just like in Montreal, this project could not have become a reality without the valuable collaboration of our community partners, who played a key role during the initial assessment and helped us identify locations where the clinic would be most needed in Victoria.

All of our partners share the same values regarding the importance of self-sufficiency for people who visit the Mobile Health Clinic, and we work together using a consistent approach to harm reduction.

Furthermore, working with volunteers from the community helps bring us closer to the marginalized people in our area. This decreases prejudices, and brings citizens closer to one another in order to live together more harmoniously.


TELUS Health’s expertise and technology at the service of marginalized communities

Five years ago, our Mobile Health Clinic project in Montreal was enriched by the extraordinary expertise of TELUS and TELUS Health, with whom we have woven the fabric of what has now become a valuable partnership of exchange and collaboration. This partnership began when TELUS equipped the Mobile Health Clinic with advanced software, specialized in patient management, medical procedures and drugs. This partnership now unites TELUS’ mission of commitment and social responsibility with the mission of Doctors of the World. TELUS has become our largest technological, financial and logistics partner.

“We believe that everyone should have access to healthcare where and when they need it, and regardless of their socio-economic status, which is why we’ve expanded our TELUS Health for Good to Victoria”, said Josh Blair, executive vice-president of TELUS Health.

“Through our collaboration with Doctors of the World, we’re connecting with community partners and leveraging the power of our technology to deliver customized, compassionate care and enable better health outcomes for more Canadians in need.”

This collaboration has allowed Doctors of the World to become more effective and efficient in all its clinical interventions. On July 11, 2018, Doctors of the World joined TELUS Health to launch their TELUS Health for Good program with the objective of improving healthcare for the most marginalized citizens.

“Every time I visit our partners in Victoria, I take pride in Doctors of the World’s extremely positive reputation. We have humbly integrated into existing services, with a vehicle that turned out to be successful in reaching people and meeting their healthcare needs. Our partners’ acknowledgment means a lot, and so does the acceptance of Doctors of the World by those we serve.”    — Véronique Houle, national operations director, Doctors of the World


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Our Place
Arbutus Shelter
Rainbow Kitchen
Youth clinic
Out of the Rain Shelter
Mustard Seed
Cool Aid
Island Health (VIHA)




Published on 11/07/2019


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