To each their mountain!

Five years ago, two of my co-workers asked me if I’d like to do the Montreal Sprint triathlon with them. I’m not at all a person who is easily influenced, and I told them “I don’t really know how to swim, I don’t have a bike and I hate running.” So I said, “Yes, for sure!

Then last year, my brain shut down and I registered on a whim for the Lake Placid Ironman, scheduled for July 22, 2018: a 3.8 km swim, a 180 km bike ride, and a 42.2 km run, all in the same day.

I know there are athletes 1000 times stronger and more adventurous than me, who accomplish much more impressive feats.  But this is my mountain and, believe me, as the date approaches my mountain seems all that much higher.

I’ve been training intensively over the last 9 months, but beyond the personal challenge, I would like to make this a challenge that changes lives. You know of my involvement with Médecins du Monde Canada, and so I’ve decided to raise funds to help finance their programs in Québec.


MdM not only provides humanitarian aid abroad, for populations that are vulnerable or in crisis situations, as in Haiti, Colombia, Syria, or Lebanon. MdM also operates local programs that have a major impact on the health of thousands of people in Montreal.

On board the Mobile Clinic, nurses and volunteers from MdM go out to Montreal neighbourhoods to offer basic health care to people who are marginalized, living on the street or in other vulnerable situations, and who do not use the public health care system.

Thanks to the Migrant Clinic, MdM offers health care services to those with precarious immigration status. These individuals are excluded from the public health care regime in Quebec while they are waiting to regularize their files and obtain permanent resident status, a process that may take up to three years. [DS3] During this period, pregnant women and children born in Québec (and therefore Canadian citizens) do not receive any health care service from the public system. The Migrant Clinic is their only recourse.

By supporting me today, you contribute to ensuring the right to health for everyone! And you will add the significance of human solidarity to my Ironman.

You can give directly online via the special fund-raising page that MdM created to support me. There you can make a donation and immediately obtain your tax receipt.

And to motivate you even more, I will match your gift, up to my objective of $ 5,000 (for a total of $10,000)! And if I attain my goal, I will also get a tattoo to mark my success! It’s all part of the deal

P.S. Many of you have attended the fund-raising galas for MdM in the past. As there will not be a gala this year, this is an excellent opportunity to maintain your commitment to Médecins du Monde.

Thanks for your support!


Update 07/10 : The pot has a new goal: $ 5000! CONGRATULATIONS ! Frédéric will double that amount is we reach $5.000!

Update 07/05 : Congratulations to the firsts contributors, Frederic has already collected $4566 of the $5 000. Please let’s continue to help him !

Published on 29/06/2018


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