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individuals experiencing homelessness in Greater Victoria (in 2018)


outings done each month with the Mobile Health Clinic

The situation

In the context of the declared public health emergency due to the rise in drug overdose and related deaths, the housing crisis and shortage of health care professionals, Doctors of the World launched its innovative Mobile Health Clinic in partnership with TELUS in 2018.

  • In April 2016, the British Columbia Official Health Officer declared a public health emergency, due to the rise in drug overdoses and related deaths.
  • Access to health care remains a challenge with shortage of medical professionals in primary health care, few family physicians in Greater Victoria accepting new patients
  • At least 1,525 individuals experiencing homelessness in Greater Victoria 2018 PiT count
  • Governments and local agencies were receptive to solve these issues at multiple levels. The city of Victoria and the Vancouver Island Health Authority hoped to find new ways to deal with these urgent issues.



With the assessment conducted by Doctors of the World Canada in September 2016 in Victoria BC, findings showed that people who urgently needed support for healthcare services included:

  • People with substance use disorder
  • People experiencing homelessness
  • Indigenous populations
  • Sex workers

In the context of the province facing a shortage of health care professionals, these marginalized groups face additional challenges when accessing the public health system.


Our action


Considering systemic challenges faced by marginalized populations in situation of vulnerability in accessing health care services, Doctors of the World Mobile Health Clinic is a significant move to reach out in a time and location where it is most needed.

In line with BC province health measures and their strategic plan, the Doctors of the World Mobile Health Clinic goes to areas where there are gaps in services and where the most vulnerable populations are found.

Doctors of the World focus on harm reduction, health promotion and education to empower and support people to take care of themselves and reduce risks.

Aboard the Clinic, in a private and safe environment, Nurses develop relationships, provide care, and listen without judgment.





We are seeking physicians and people with a range of expertise (health, medicine, nursing, social work, etc) to volunteer on board the Mobile Health Clinic.

To become a volunteer, you must first attend an information session.

To find out when the next information session will be, please fill out the form by clicking on the link below. Our volunteer manager will then contact you via email with more information.

Complete the form to attend an information session.




By making a donation, you contribute to the Mobile Health Clinic in Victoria (BC) by helping us provide our most marginalized community members with access to healthcare.





Since the beginning of the Mobile Health Clinic of MdM was enriched by the extraordinary expertise from TELUS and TELUS Health. Telus shares our passion for innovation, striving for flexibility to respond better to populations faced by multiple challenges.

The Mobile Health Clinics are equipped with electronic medical record (EMR) technology and TELUS LTE Wi-Fi network technology to assist onboard healthcare providers in delivering immediate and quality care. The vehicles include an examination area, a computer workstation for healthcare providers, and a consultation area.

This partnership now unites the mission of commitment and social responsibility of TELUS to the mission Doctors of the World. TELUS has become our most important
technological, financial and logistic partner.




Our Impact

Services onboard the Mobile Health Clinic include:

  • Wound care
  • STI testing
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Vitamins
  • Harm reduction supplies (condoms, safer injection and inhalation materials)
  • Foot care
  • Vaccinations
  • Contraceptives and more…

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